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Charleston Slip and Fall Attorneys

When it comes to slip and fall cases, our law firm prioritizes results and most importantly, the well-being of our clients. At Query Sautter & Associates, our slip and fall attorneys understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll a slip and fall incident can take on your life.

Query Sautter & Associates, LLC provides compelling legal representation for individuals injured by the negligence of others. If you have been injured from a slip and fall incident, contact our reliable slip and fall attorneys for help.

What Constitutes a Slip and Fall Case?

Slip and fall cases are a type of personal injury case that arises when an individual slips and falls on someone else’s property. These cases fall under the premise liability law, which holds property owners responsible for ensuring that their premises are safe and free of hazards.

In a successful slip and fall case, you will need to prove that the property owner was negligent in maintaining safety standards and that you were injured from a fall due to that negligence.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Incident

Following a slip and fall incident, it is crucial to seek medical attention right away. Even if you do not suspect serious injuries, many injuries have delayed symptoms, or your adrenaline could be distracting you from pain. With proper medical care, you can confirm any injuries and their severity as well as establish the validity of your personal injury.

The next step is to contact an experienced slip and fall attorney that can guide you through the process of seeking justice for your injuries. In South Carolina, an injured party has three years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit. As there is an important legal process that should occur before a lawsuit, it is vital to contact an attorney as soon as possible following your injury.

At Query Sautter & Associates, our slip and fall attorneys are seasoned in the legal process following a personal injury incident and can provide comprehensive legal guidance. From opening an initial claim to final settlement negotiations, having a skilled personal injury attorney as your advocate throughout the case process is invaluable. 

How Our Experienced Charleston Slip and Fall Attorneys Can Help

At Query Sautter & Associates, our slip and fall attorneys pride ourselves on our ability to deliver personalized and compassionate legal services to our clients. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to gather evidence, consult with medical professionals, and build your case for the best possible outcome.

Every slip and fall case is unique, and we will take the time to listen to and understand your situation. Our Charleston personal injury attorneys will create a tailored legal strategy to ensure that you receive optimal compensation for your damages.

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