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Charleston Custody Attorneys

Child custody concerns can arise for different reasons. If two parents are getting divorced or unmarried parents do not live together, they will need to settle the matter of physical and legal custody of their child. Further, parents with a custody order in place might want to modify it, which requires approval by the family courts.

The Charleston custody lawyers of Query Sautter & Associates handle all types of child-related family law matters. We understand the stress and concern that parents experience when facing custody cases, and we are here to provide support and protect your parental rights.

Common Child Custody Arrangements in SC

Custody arrangements should address both physical and legal custody of a child. Physical custody refers to the time each parent spends with the child, while legal custody refers to a parent’s authority and right to make important decisions for the child’s life.

In South Carolina, common custody arrangements aim to provide the best interests of the child while considering the parents’ rights and responsibilities. These arrangements include:

  • Sole custody: One parent has primary physical and legal custody of the child, making major decisions regarding their upbringing. The non-custodial parent may have visitation rights.
  • Joint custody: Both parents share legal custody, meaning they jointly make important decisions about the child’s education, healthcare, and general welfare. Physical custody may be joint or primary to one parent.
  • Primary physical custody: The child primarily resides with one parent, who is the custodial parent, while the non-custodial parent typically has visitation rights.
  • Shared physical custody: The child spends substantial time with both parents, with the aim of creating a balanced and consistent environment. This arrangement requires effective co-parenting.
  • Visitation: The non-custodial parent is granted specific periods of time to spend with the child, including weekends, holidays, and vacations.

Most parents share physical and legal custody, though there can certainly be outlier situations that warrant sole custody by one parent. Our attorneys can review your circumstances and advise what type of custody arrangement you might seek or expect.

Resolving Custody Matters

You have the opportunity to agree to custody terms with the other parent out of court. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and work to achieve an agreement that works for everyone involved. We can represent you through custody mediation if necessary.

The court ultimately determines custody arrangements if parents cannot agree. The judge will prioritize the child’s best interests, considering factors like the child’s relationship with each parent, the parents’ ability to provide a stable environment, and any history of abuse or neglect. If your case requires litigation, we can zealously represent your parental rights in court.

Experienced Custody Attorneys in Charleston Ready to Help

Facing family law matters is difficult, especially when a case involves your relationship with your child. The legal team of Query Sautter & Associates is ready to assist you with every aspect of your situation, including custody arrangements, divorce, paternity, and more.

If you have a family law matter, please do not wait to contact us to learn how our attorneys can help you.