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Charleston Business Litigation Attorneys

Running a company and managing business relationships are complicated enough without legal concerns. However, legal disputes can arise for any type of business, and it is critical for owners to address the matter properly. As soon as you suspect a business dispute exists or might be developing, you should immediately consult with a trusted Charleston business litigation lawyer from Query Sautter & Associates.

Our savvy business attorneys represent companies of all types and sizes in a wide range of disputes. Contact our office to learn more about our services and so we can assess your situation.

Common Business Disputes

Business litigation arises from various disputes that can potentially harm a company’s operations, finances, or reputation. Here are some common disputes that often lead to business litigation, and that our legal team can assist with.

Breach of Contract

One of the most frequent causes of business litigation, this occurs when one party fails to fulfill its obligations as outlined in a contract. This can include failure to deliver goods or services, late payments, or failure to meet agreed-upon terms.

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Disagreements among business partners or shareholders can lead to litigation. Conflicts may arise over issues like decision-making authority, profit distribution, or the direction of the company.

Employment Disputes

These can encompass a wide range of issues, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour disputes, non-compete agreements, and breaches of employment contracts.

Intellectual Property Disputes

These arise from conflicts over trademarks, copyrights, patents, or trade secrets. Companies may litigate to protect their intellectual property rights or defend against allegations of infringement.

Tort Claims

This category includes a variety of civil wrongs, such as negligence, fraud, misrepresentation, or interference with business relationships. Tort claims can involve parties both within and outside the company.

Regulatory and Compliance Issues

Businesses must adhere to a range of local, state, and federal regulations. Disputes may arise if a company is accused of regulatory violations or non-compliance. These issues can result in costly liability for companies when not properly addressed.

Resolving these disputes can be complex, requiring legal experience to navigate the intricacies of business and contract law. With the right legal guidance, you might be able to avoid litigation, as we have many options for resolving disputes outside of a traditional courtroom.

Engaging in alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation or arbitration are options before pursuing formal litigation, and our attorneys have experience representing parties throughout these ADR processes.

In the event your conflict requires litigation, we are ready to represent your interests in court. Our lawyers have helped favorably resolve complex business disputes, and we can assist your firm with many types of legal concerns.

Allow Our Charleston Business Litigation Lawyers to Represent Your Company’s Interests

The legal team of Query Sautter & Associates knows business law inside and out, and we bring this experience and acumen to the table for our corporate clients. If you have legal needs for your company, contact us for a consultation as soon as possible.