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Most Dangerous Roads Highways and Intersections

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South Carolina is a beautiful state with many scenic drives, but it also sees its fair share of traffic and dangerous traffic accidents. There are specific roads, highways, and intersections throughout the state that are particularly prone to serious accidents, and having a better understanding of where these hot spots are can help you plan accordingly and proceed with safety in mind. If you or someone you care about has suffered an injury because of another driver’s negligence, it’s time to consult with an experienced South Carolina car accident attorney.

The Top 6 Roads

According to a study shared by Money Geek that spans three years, there are six stretches of roadway in South Carolina that are considered the deadliest.

1: Wade Hampton Boulevard from Donan Road to Freebird Boulevard

This 4.8-mile stretch of road in Greer saw 12 fatal accidents that left 12 people dead.

2: Rivers Avenue from Remount Road to Jacksonville Road

This 4.8-mile stretch of road in North Charleston and Charleston saw 11 fatal accidents that caused 14 people to lose their lives.

3: Highway 17 from Bonanza Road to Orleans Road

This 3.8-mile stretch of highway in North Charleston and Charleston saw ten fatal accidents that left 11 people dead. 

4: Interstate 20 from Exit 63 to Exit 68

This 3.8-mile stretch of interstate in Lexington and Richland Counties saw ten fatal accidents and 11 fatalities.

5: US-25 from Frontage Road to Farrs Bridge Road

On this 4.4-mile stretch of highway in Greenville County, there were nine fatal crashes that killed 11 people.

6: US-17 from Conway Street to Vereen Road

On this 4.9-mile roadway in North Myrtle Beach, there were nine fatal crashes that left ten people dead.

Important findings shared include the following:

  • Nearly 47 percent of all the 2,583 fatal accidents in the study involved speeding.
  • Drunk driving played a role in 31 percent of the deadly collisions.
  • Greenville County experienced the most fatal traffic crashes, and the majority of these happened on US-25.

Deadly Intersections

Intersections account for about a quarter of all traffic fatalities, and according to Fox Radio 14, the three most dangerous intersections in the State of South Carolina include the following:

  • At White Horse Road (US-25) and Farrs Bridge Rd (SR-183) in Greenville County
  • At US-17 and SR-537 in Horry County
  • At Fording Island Road (US-278) and Okatie Highway (SR-170) in Beaufort County

Intersections represent the convergence of traffic that’s flowing in all directions, and in these spots, driver negligence can prove especially dangerous.

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