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How Do I Report a Hit and Run Case I Witnessed?

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Witnessing a hit-and-run accident is stressful, and at that moment, you may have no idea how best to proceed. If this is the challenging position you are in, however, there are things you can do to help, and the person left by the side of the road is lucky you’re there. If you’re the victim of a hit-and-run accident, it’s time to call an experienced Charleston car accident attorney.

Pull Safely to the Side of the Road

The first order of business is stopping to render whatever aid you can, which involves pulling safely to the side of the road – out of the way of traffic. At this point, you should call 911 – unless you’re sure that the accident was nothing more than a minor fender bender. There’s no need to determine if someone has already called 911 before making the call – doing so only wastes time, and the 911 operator will let you know if any more information is needed.

Render Aid

Head to the victims of the hit-and-run accident to determine if anyone was seriously injured. If so, render whatever aid you can. This can be anything from providing them with your jacket for warmth, helping them get comfortable, or performing CPR. The 911 operator will let you know how you can help if you are the first person on the scene and the first to call, and carefully following their guidance is the surest means of helping any injured parties at the scene.

Capture Evidence

If you have a dashcam in your vehicle, you may have critical evidence that can go a very long way toward identifying the driver who hit and ran. Your own testimony, however, can also play a very important role. As soon as you have the opportunity, jot down everything you remember about the accident, including:

  • How it happened
  • What kind of car the hit-and-run motorist was driving, including make, model, color, and approximate year – to the best of your knowledge
  • Any part of the hit-and-run driver’s license plate that you may have noticed
  • Anything else that strikes you as relevant to the case at hand

Once the Authorities Arrive

Once the authorities arrive, cooperate with any instructions they may have for you and make a full statement about the accident when asked to do so. Also, provide them with your name and contact number and let them know if you have any hard evidence to share, such as dashcam footage, photos, videos, or anything else. Victims of hit-and-run drivers face very challenging car accident cases, and your help can make all the difference.

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