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Can a Passenger Hold Blame for Causing an Accident?

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Passengers are not in control of the vehicle, but their actions and behaviors can significantly impact the driver’s ability to operate the car safely. In most cases, a passenger will not be held liable for causing a car accident. However, in unique circumstances, a passenger could be held responsible for causing an accident if they significantly distracted the driver, interfered with the vehicle’s operation, or deliberately caused a crash.

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Ways a Passenger Could Cause an Accident

Passengers must ensure they are doing everything they can to promote safe driving practices. If a passenger behaves irresponsibly or erratically, they could be putting themselves, the driver, and other people on the road in danger.

The ways a passenger could cause an accident include but is not limited to:

  • Distracting the driver: A passenger who distracts the driver while they are driving can cause an accident. Distraction can come in many forms, but if it is significant enough to cause a vehicle accident, then the passenger may share liability with the driver.
  • Interfering with the vehicle’s operation: A passenger who interferes with a vehicle’s operation can also cause an accident. This could come in the form of reaching over and changing the gear or grabbing the wheel, causing the driver to lose control.
  • Deliberate actions: A passenger who deliberately causes an accident can also be held responsible. For example, if a passenger jumps out of a moving vehicle, tries to take control of the vehicle from the driver, or steps on the pedals to cause an accident.

How an Injury Case Would Work Against the Passenger

If a passenger causes an accident, they can expect to face consequences for their behavior. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash, the passenger may either be held accountable through their auto insurance or be liable to face a personal civil action.

If the liability party has an auto insurance policy or third-party liability insurance or is named on someone else’s insurance policy, plaintiffs can submit an injury claim. If they have no forms of liability insurance, plaintiffs could choose to seek personal civil action against them if the passenger’s actions were found to be intentional or negligent.

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