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Best ways to have a child-centered divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Family Law

Divorce can take its toll on every member of a South Carolina family. Children of all ages can struggle the most while their parents go through the process. Having a child-centered divorce can help ease the situation for everyone.

Don’t fight in front of your child

The purpose of a child-centered divorce is to protect kids from as much unpleasantness as possible. One way to do that is to avoid fighting with your estranged spouse in front of your child. Doing so can only cause more stress and anxiety. If you have to argue, do it when your child isn’t around.

Agree to work together

Even if you’re ending your marriage, you and your spouse still want to support your child to the best of your abilities. In order to do that, put your differences aside and agree to work together. It’s a good way to have a child-centered divorce and lets you maintain the peace.

Avoid going to court

A traditional divorce in court can last a year or longer as spouses battle over issues. This is something to avoid if you want to shield your children. Avoiding court and relying on alternative means to end your marriage such as divorce mediation or collaborative divorce are easier, faster and cheaper. You and your spouse can take control over the process by negotiating any terms of your split. With mediation, a neutral mediator helps you reach an agreement while the collaborative process requires signing an agreement to avoid court.

Focus on your relationship with your child

During your divorce, focus on your relationship with your child. It’s a healthier way to maneuver the situation and allows you to remember what’s most important. Your child also benefits because you’re there for them and not caught up in a bitter split. Really talk with them and encourage them to share their feelings about the divorce. It could help your child express difficult emotions and feel better.

Divorce is never easy, but centering things around your child benefits the whole family.