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Special needs children and the divorce process

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Family Law

Divorce is never an easy process. It is a very emotional time for all family members, and things can quickly become complicated. Many issues must be addressed in a South Carolina divorce, including child custody and parenting plans. This can become a complex issue when a child with special needs is involved. Ensuring the best possible care for the child will be the priority of both parties in the divorce.

Special considerations for special needs children

Families that have a child with special needs face many challenges that other families do not face. Because of this, stress levels can be higher among married couples, and the marriage can suffer. Siblings may also feel “left out” or stressed because of the attention that their special needs sibling require.

These factors must be considered when creating a parenting plan. Custody issues should address the needs of children and each parent’s capabilities. Creating a custody plan that benefits the entire family will be the largest challenge during the divorce.

There is no “cookie-cutter” divorce solution for this issue.

When it comes to divorce, many family law experts have a guideline that they follow when helping people create a parenting plan. This approach may not work when a special needs child is involved. Both parties must clarify that a special needs child must be considered when creating a parenting plan.

When the divorce is finalized, the parenting plan should be followed as outlined in the divorce. This can eliminate a lot of stress for both parents and siblings. Divorce can be very stressful, but after it is finished, you can start rebuilding your life and feel confident that your special needs child will have the appropriate care.