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Teens and dangerous driving

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Teenagers may feel enthusiastic about receiving their driver’s licenses and gaining the benefits of driving privileges. New drivers might face dangers on the road, and teen drivers could deal with risks that older drivers might not. Younger drivers should become aware of the common risks teens face on South Carolina roads. Otherwise, they could cause accidents that leave fellow commuters and themselves suffering injuries.

Teenagers and driving

Since someone cannot receive a driver’s license until they reach the age of 16, a teen driver automatically lacks experience when new to driving. Even a young driver with no intention of committing moving violations could present risks to others due to inexperience. Experience contributes to defensive driving skills with the knowledge that certain behaviors could be dangerous. For example, experience helps someone navigate roads during inclement weather and to be aware of reckless drivers. A teenager may lack these instincts.

Young drivers, especially those preoccupied with technology, might be more prone to distractions. Anyone using a smartphone or another device behind the wheel dramatically increases the chances of an accident. The presence of infotainment systems inside cars also increases distraction risks. Other common distractions, such as rubbernecking or eating while driving, add to the dangers.

Other risks while driving

Teenagers who travel with passengers may not realize they are at increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. Passengers could be a source of distractions or even a bad influence on the person driving. Teens may not realize passengers could sue them after a crash.

Teenagers may embrace risky behavior, including committing moving violations such as speeding. Anyone behaving recklessly behind the wheel could be liable for harm inflicted by a resulting car crash. So, driving safely seems advisable. Expect accident victims hurt by a negligent driver to file a lawsuit.