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How speeding increases your chance of serious car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even if you’re a good driver, it’s important to abide by speed limit signs because speeding increases your chance of car accidents. Serious injuries and death are also more likely to occur at higher speeds. When you are going over 25 mph over the speed limit in South Carolina, you also face a reckless driving charge. This would increase your liability for the accident.

Road safety structures

There are road safety structures, such as guard rails, concrete barriers, crash cushions, median dividers and impact attenuators, to help protect drivers during motor vehicle accidents. Road safety structures aren’t as effective when you are speeding. They could turn what would have been a milder accident into a more deadly one.

Unsafe road conditions

Dry pavement is the safest to drive on. When it begins raining or snowing, the road becomes slippery, which reduces your tire traction. You must drive a little slower than the speed limit under wet conditions. A 2020 study found that speeding was a factor in 21% of fatal crashes on wet roads and 42% of fatal crashes on ice or frost. Driving at the posted speed limit in wet conditions is speeding in South Carolina. You could also face a reckless driving charge.

Higher momentum

Speeding covers more ground than going the speed limit, which means it will take you longer to slow down or stop the car when you come across a road hazard. Colliding with a road hazard is more dangerous the faster you’re traveling. Kinetic energy also increases as your speed does. Larger vehicles also generate greater kinetic energy than smaller cars. All of this energy needs to go somewhere in a collision, and your car isn’t able to solely absorb the impact for you. Your body suffers from the force as well.

Speeding isn’t worth it, not even if you’re running late. Your ability to react to road conditions decreases the faster you go. The higher momentum also puts you at greater risk of a serious accident.