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Amazon and warehouse worker injury rates

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Working in a South Carolina warehouse provides many people with stable employment and benefits. However, it comes with dangers not present in many other industries. Even someone who never experienced an accident could suffer physical ailments from years of performing heavy lifting. While no company’s warehouses come without risks, Amazon’s workers may face greater risks.

Amazon warehouses face controversies

A detailed study revealed the shocking news that Amazon warehouse workers experience injuries at a rate upwards of double other warehouse employees. The Strategic Organizing Center produced a report in April 2022 revealing Amazon workers suffered 49% of all warehouse injuries, despite the company only employing 33% of the national warehouse workforce.

Amazon might not have the best track record for workplace safety compliance. The multibillion-dollar company received a $60,000 fine for ignoring workplace safety laws and putting workers at serious risk for injuries. Such information could prompt employees and supervisors to be more careful, but some mishaps prove unavoidable.

Injuries and financial concerns

Since some warehouse injuries could leave a worker facing weeks of recovery time, financial concerns exist. Truthfully, even minor injuries requiring only a few days at home may cause money woes. Those able to file a workers’ compensation claim might have a way to address some financial worries.

Workers’ compensation provides an alternative to suing an employer while presenting potential benefits to the employee. Plus, negligence is not required to file a claim. A negligence suit against a third party could be an option, though.

Not every workers’ compensation claim may process without problems. An employer could doubt the injury happened on the job, despite evidence to the contrary. Or, the worker might not be familiar with how to properly handle the steps. Even with compelling evidence, the initial claim could face a denial. Working with a professional to handle claims and appeals may be in the employee’s best interests.