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Watch for new road hazards as gas prices soar

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Personal Injury

As gas prices rise in South Carolina and throughout the nation, new dangers may emerge on our roads. Drivers and anyone sharing the road with them must be aware of novel threats to themselves and others.

Keep an eye out for motorcycles

Pain at the pump can all too easily translate to more accidents, especially when alternative forms of transportation are more dangerous than driving conventional automobiles. Many people trying to escape enormous gas bills turn to motorcycles for more fuel-efficient travel, but saving dollars does not come without a steep price in safety. One study found that for every one dollar increase in gas prices there was a 24.2% increase in fatal motorcycle crashes.

With more motorcycles on the road, drivers of passenger vehicles must be on alert at all times, especially when making left turns at intersections and when merging into other lanes. Motorcycles are more difficult to see, especially during certain times of the day. Drivers can reduce the risk of a crash by remaining free from distractions and utilizing safety devices such as convex mirrors and blindspot detection devices.

Other forms of transportation

It is likely that high gas prices will also result in more pedestrians, bicyclists and people who get around by other alternative means such as scooters, e-bikes and skateboards.

Pedestrians are completely unprotected when struck by a car or truck. None of these alternative modes of transportation offer riders much if any protection either. For this reason, the injuries resulting from accidents are typically severe and may leave the victim with significant pain, suffering and other hardships.

A single accident could have more than one liable party, such as a negligent driver or the manufacturer of a poorly designed product. Injury victims must be aware of their rights and pursue all sources of compensation available to them.