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Life after you’ve been injured by a reckless driver

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

South Carolina motorists understand the hazards of the daily commute. The busy roadways are littered with reckless drivers, and if you’ve been injured by one, the effects can be long-lasting. Hospital bills, lost wages and disability can result when a driver is being unsafe.

Many drivers receive phone calls or text messages while driving. If there’s a sense of urgency, the safest thing to do is pull over, stop your vehicle and take the call. Otherwise, you could be contributing to the problem of reckless driving.

What is reckless driving under the law?

Motor vehicle accidents frequently happen due to unsafe driving habits. When a motorist drives above the speed limit, doesn’t use turn signals, tailgates, or demonstrates conscious or unconscionable behavior when operating a motor vehicle without regard to the safety of others, it is an act of reckless driving.

Auto accidents maim, kill or permanently injure millions of people each year. The costs of recovery, funerals or long-term care are often the burden of the injured. You shouldn’t be without indemnity if you or a loved one were injured or killed in a reckless driving motor vehicle accident.

Feeling supported after a reckless driving injury

A support system is valuable to your recovery after you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident. Your team of caregivers can help you get to doctor visits and physical therapy, pick up your prescriptions and care for any dependents you have. If your injuries are long-term, your support system is your most vital asset and can help you with the most challenging decisions.

Taking hold of your financial obligations is likely a bigger burden than your family and friends can handle, however. Filing a claim against the reckless driver may help you receive compensation.