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About Us

You may think that all lawyers are the same, but the truth is that your choice in legal representation matters. Not all attorneys offer the same level of commitment or representation in their work, and you want to be sure that you are getting the service you need from your attorneys.

At Query Sautter & Associates, LLC, we have decades of combined experience representing clients in their legal matters. Since 1985, our South Carolina attorneys have represented clients from our Charleston office. Our lawyers are committed to our clients, and you can learn more about them here:

How We Can Help You

We are not a law firm that settles for less in your legal issues. We take the time to understand your unique needs in whatever you face and build a custom-tailored strategy that best reflects those needs. Our team can help you through the most challenging cases involving our practice areas of:

Our exceptional skill and commitment have led to us regularly securing personal injury settlements and verdicts worth well over one million dollars. We are able to secure these outcomes because of our meticulous attention to detail and our drive to help our clients in their trying times.

Get The Representation You Deserve

When looking for a lawyer to help you through workplace injuries, custody agreements, criminal charges, or anything else, make sure you choose a law firm that you can trust to represent you. At Query Sautter & Associates, LLC, you won’t feel like another case in our file cabinet.

If you are ready to meet with our attorneys, contact us by calling 843-795-9500 or emailing us here. The sooner you schedule your initial consultation, the sooner we can begin building your strategy to overcome your legal matters.